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Author Talk with Deb Hunt – Love in the Outback

By July 17, 2014No Comments
Love in the Outback - should she stay or go/

Love in the Outback – should she stay or go?

At forty-nine, Deb Hunt stopped dating men. It was just too painful. The men she loved didn’t love her back. When she found herself stalking her last boyfriend, who’d become engaged to another woman, Deb knew it was time to make changes.

From her home in the UK, she applied for a job in Australia – a PR assistant with the Royal Flying Doctor Service. She packed up her London home, said goodbye to everything that was familiar, and headed down under. There she encountered a land she never imagined and met a man unlike any other – a Royal Flying Doctor Service legend. He was deeply practical, reasonable, steady, conservative person – in other words, the polar opposite of Deb. He wanted a relationship. She wanted to flee.

Meet Love in the Outback Author Deb Hunt on Friday 1st August at 12.30pm at Orange City Library, Bookings 6393 8132. Supported by Boomers Bookshop and ABC Centre.

Author Deb Hunt

Author Deb Hunt