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Mystery Creature Spotted at Lake….

By January 6, 2014No Comments
Mystery Lake Creature

What is it? Help solve a mystery…

We have posted the photo here in a bid to help identify what the creature may be……

The creature was spotted in the lake on the early hours of Sunday morning as a visitor to Orange went for a walk. They noticed a V shape in the water but could not see what was causing it.  “It dived a couple of times and I walked fast to keep up with it,” he said. Local rangers believe the animal may have been a platypus. “It is a real mystery,” they said. “Normally they’re found in running water and not this location.” They ruled out water rats, giant cod fish, and eels as the unknown swimmer, but could not commit to the platypus theory.

Central West Libraries staff were hopeful the sighting meant it could be their missing Playtpus – Freeda the Reader. “We’d be happy if anyone else could confirm they have seen Freeda. It gives us hope to know she is okay and is returning to some of her favourite swimming locations during Summer,” Central West Libraries Manager Jan Richards said.