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Pageturners Mixed Reviews for The Son by Philipp Meyer

By August 27, 2013No Comments

The Son

Book discussion group Pageturners had a lively discussion about The Son by Philipp Meyer – an epic journey spanning a century and a half in Texas – from Indians, to Mexicans to oil discovery.  It’s been described a powerful family story about the wealth and destruction by humans.  Our comments included:

“It covered an interesting period of time” . “I loved reading about the Indians”, “That woman, I just didn’t like her”, “Peter was gormless”, “I really enjoyed it”, “It was about 4 chapters too long”, “It was well written”, “It was hard to read the violence”, “It was interesting and educational”, “It was very visual, I could picture everything”, “Loved the historical aspect and American history”.

A powerful quote from the book is “Soil to sand, fertile to barren, fruit to thorn. It is all we know how to do”. Reminding us this author has turned the American dream on its ear.

If you would like to hear what the author had to say about his work, here is an interview from the BBC:

Pageturners next read for Wednesday 11th September from 5.30pm is The Last of the Vostyachs by Diego Marani and translated by Judith Landry. It is an inventive tale of a long-lost language and culture, forgotten but for a single man……