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Platypus Facts….Did you know?

By January 22, 2014January 24th, 2014No Comments


Do you recognise this location?

Platypus love waterways – do you recognise this location?

The more we search for Freeda, the more people who come forward with information. The Department of Primary Industries has advised us of some interesting facts regarding platypus:

Did you know?

Platypus actually means flat foot.

A platypus can hold its breath underwater for between 2 and ten minutes.

They eat fresh water crustaceans and insects.

They are widespread and can be found from Cape York down the east coast including Tasmania.

Their bill feels soft and rubbery.

Their bill is also highly sensitive. They use electroreception to detect food – it is like a 6th sense.

The males have a venomous gland behind their knee that is connected to a spur on the inside of the ankle.

And they are very ancient, their ancestors date back 110 million years.

Now you know………….