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Storytime “Launches” Cowra

By February 11, 2014No Comments


Spacemen "take flight" at Storytime

Spacemen “take flight” at Storytime

Spacemen were launched into reading at Storytime in Cowra with a Space theme capturing imaginations as children created their own jet packs to propel them between the bookshelves. In the above photo you can see one little spaceman taking flight through Junior shelves with his jetpack on (he was too speedy to catch!). The children made jet packs from soft drink bottles, foil and orange paper. Storyteller Maryanne showed parents pre-school books, early learn-to-read and junior chapter books to help with literacy development.

Cowra’s next story time session will be held at 11am on Thursday 6th March during the Festival of International Understanding. See you there!