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Writing Workshop with Kim Kelly

By May 22, 2016No Comments
Author and editor Kim Kelly

Author and editor Kim Kelly

Discover how to write engaging characters with author and editor Kim Kelly.

Kim Kelly is the well-known author of the novels Black Diamonds, This Read Earth, The Blue Mile and Paper Daisies, as well as the acclaimed novella Wild Chicory. Her next novel, Jewel Sea, will be published in September this year.

Most of Kim’s work has a regional focus and she is passionately committed to helping regional writers tell their stories. With 20 years’ experience as an editor working with Australia’s major publishing houses, helping many different authors across many genres, she also has a great deal of practical advice to share about the writing process.

In her workshop, 50 Shades of Character, Kim will take participants through her own processes of how she creates memorable and engaging people who inhabit her fictional worlds. Meeting a new character is often like meeting a new friend – not everything is revealed at once, and the best ones deepen with the unfolding of time…

Writing characters: 50 Shades of Character with Kim Kelly, West Room, Orange City Library, Sunday 10th July 10am – 1pm, Cost $35. Phone 6393 8132.