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More Summer Read Writing Workshop Story Extracts

By February 10, 2011No Comments

Here are more extracts penned by creative children who came along to our Summer Read Writing Workshops with tutor Angela Hammond:

The Man in the Moon by Maxine

Once upon a time there a man who lived on the moon. Then in time people called him the Man in the Moon. The man wanted on a holiday to Earth to see the world he had always dreamed of  see the river, ocean and even a puddle because there was no water on the moon. He was bored with the scenery. So he did take a holiday to Earth. When he got to Earth he got a shock it was not how what thought it would be.

The King By Eric

Once upon a time there a king that had the key to open everything. Then one day it was stolen by the meanest and cheeky king ever. The king looked everywhere but he could not find it. He looked in the every castle and still and couldn't find it because the cheeky king had hidden it so well. Then one day he found another key so he turned it right and back, it came back. So he went back to ruling the world. Then he was so excited he went on a boat. But he sunk as he bent over to get the key and never went on a boat again.

Rainbow Princess By Paris

It's pouring down now sighed Emily sadly, I wish it was sunny. “But it is,” said Lesley, It's just a rainshower. Hee hee hee. Emily looked at him as thought he was very very dumb.
“It is most certainly not sunny.”
“Yes! It is,” he argued.
“Fine, I'll go out and if I come back wet, you win and if I come back dry, I win ok?
So Lesley strolled out of the house into the garden. But at the other end of town in the rainbow princess's palace everyone was getting ready for the rainbow princess's birthday ball. She was just about to send out one of her servants, she heard something.
Something felt almost magical as she went out into the palace garden herself and followed the sound right into Emily and Lesley's garden where she found the soaking through Lesley. They fell in love instantly and the rain stopped and a rainbow appeared. For the legend was told that when this special princess at last fell in love there are gifts, many many many tiny gifts would fall from the sky.

Stories by Hannah, Isabella and Lily are on their way and will complete this series from the Writing Workshop.