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Safer Internet Day 2011 – today

By February 8, 2011No Comments

Safer Internet Day 2011 aims to help children and teens learn essential skills about safe social networking. This annual international event is coordinated by Insafe ,the European network for internet safety, and supported in Australia by the ACMA. The theme 'It's more than a game, it's your life' promotes safer and more responsible use by children and teens when using social networking sites and highlights the importance of protecting privacy and digital reputation as well as the need for good online etiquette.
Key messages for Safer Internet Day are:
“Control your digital reputation  things you post online now can affect you in the future.
“Protect your privacy  make decisions about who sees your information.
“Be a good friend treat others online as you want to be treated.
For more information and tips collect a brochure from Orange City Library or go to: