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More Storytime Dress Up Fun

By September 6, 2013No Comments

Georgie and Maddie dressed as fairies (Small)

Georgie and Maddie dressed as Fairies for Storytime;

Shane King aka Batman (Small)

Shane put on a Batman outfit for Storytime;

Nathanial plays the villian (Small)

Nathaniel plays the villian………..

Spiderman Anthony No 2 (Small)

Spiderman Anthony enjoys Storytime;

Superman Josh No 2 (Small)

Superman Josh made it into Storytime to hear some great Superhero stories.

Storytime dress up fun continued on Thursday afternoon when Anson Street School students dressed up as Fairies and Superheroes.  And of course, where there are superheroes – there has to be a villain – can you spot him? Storytime reading continues next week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 11am, with another session on Thursday afternoon at 2pm.  Don’t forget to book your place on 6393 8132.