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Jennifer Byrne Presents Monsters and Bloodsuckers on TV

By September 3, 2009No Comments

As our Classics Book Club readers know  classic horror fiction is a hot topic. So tune into Monsters and Bloodsuckers on ABC 1 on Tuesday 8 September at 10pm. Jennifer Byrne presents a series of individual treats for lovers of books and writing. It features discussions with leading authors and investigations into the popularity of writing genres such as crime, sex and romance and fantasy.

Jennifer and her guests explore the very darkest of literary worlds including Dracula by Bram Stoker, The Werewolf of Paris by Guy Endore, Frankenstein by Mary Shelley and Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson.

For the Monsters And Bloodsuckers special, Jennifer has summoned a quorum of dark souls to lead us through this murky world:

Catherine Jinks is the author of more than thirty books in most genres and for all ages – including The Reformed Vampire Support Group. She's currently up to her neck (ahem) in werewolf research for her next book…

Will Elliott's first novel, The Pilo Family Circus, picked up many major horror awards and was shortlisted for the 2007 International Horror Guild Award where he was up against fellow horror-meisters, including Stephen King. His latest book, Strange Places, is a memoir in which both werewolves and vampires have walk-on roles.

Leigh Blackmore is an academic, editor and contributor to such blood-drenched journals as The Australian Horror and Fantasy Magazine, Terror Australis and The Encyclopedia of Supernatural Fiction – to name just a few.

Tara Moss writes best-selling crime novels and reads in even darker places, counting Dracula and Frankenstein among her favourite gothic ghouls.