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Law Week Info and 1920's Gangs Exhibit on Show

By May 18, 2010No Comments

Discover more about 1920's gangs during Law Week. Orange City Library is hosting a museum-in-a-box exhibit from the Justice & Police Museum, Sydney, which contains mug shots, handcuffs, knuckledusters and other intriguing artefacts from early policing days in Sydney. Pictured is Orange City Library's Elizabeth Barry with Orange Police Crime Prevention Officer Senior Constable Greg Treavors and the Law Week display. The exhibit tells of a time when pubs closed at 6pm and the sly grog shops opened in the back lanes of Sydney. And yes, we are unashamedly using interest in this exhibit to promote the legal information and resources available at the Library. The Library holds the Legal Tool Kit and Law Books for Libraries collections of plain language guides to all matters legal, featuring such legal standards as The Law Handbook, The Family Law Handbook, Australian Business Law, The Bankruptcy Handbook, The Environmental Law Handbook, Tenants' Rights Manual, Neighbours and the Law, The Law and Medical Practice. Also, the Library offers access to the 'find legal answers' website ( maintained by the Legal Information Access Centre (LIAC) that will help navigating the maze of legal resources and services available.