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Librarians Wear a Pirate Hat Day! Arr!

By September 15, 2010No Comments

How do Pirates make their money?…By hook or by crook! Arrr! Ahoy Land Lubbers – we are celebrating Pirate Hat Day – Aye! Why? Because we are Librarians and this is the kind of spontaneous thing we do. Our Social Media networks via blogs, twitter and facebook put the call out and here we have it. A day on the high seas for all who enter the Library today. We are wearing the most creative newspaper hats, check out the display and ask us our pirate names. I'm Mad Dog Flint! Arr! In our own inimitable style we've gone totally overboard (so to speak) and are pirating it to the max. We've all done the Pirate Quiz ( and now have proper pirate names. It's about having fun and breaking the stereotype that librarians are dull and boring. So if you come to visit be prepared to walk the plank or at least have a legitimate Pirate name. In the meantime we're channelling Johnny Depp aka Capt Sparrow (pictured). And its just in time for International Talk Like Pirate Day every year on Sept 19 so Arrr! Go to: for tips. Arr!