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Book Reviews From CWL Zest Book Chain

By September 16, 2010No Comments

We have just concluded CWL's Email Book Club/Chain (via email) with the Zest Book Chain reading books by three authors. There were some wide- ranging thoughts. Here are the reviews for Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert:

After a divorce and an unsatisfactory love affair, Elizabeth Gilbert decides to spend a year trying to restore balance to her life by travelling solo to three places in the world…Rome, India, and Bali. This book chronicles that year.

Zest 1:
A novel about a woman's search for something to change her life by experiencing three different cultures over a year. I think a lot of people experience a need to change their lives, whether it is from boredom or a crisis that makes you re- assess where you are going (a mid life crisis of sorts). I found it an easy book to read as she writes as if she is talking to you, but I found it tedious in sections especially in India. I think it would be a lot more enjoyable if it was half the length as it is really someone's self obsessed ravings about themselves- it may be interesting to some, but not particularly to me. My daughter told me it is being made into a movie – I have no inclination to see it (check out the movie trailer above).

Zest 2:
I have thoroughly enjoyed this book! Food, Spirituality and Love – the true triangle of Life. Great choice!

Zest 3:
I started and thought it was going to be wonderful. The first 35 pages contained excellent descriptions of personal relationships falling apart and the city of New York. Some quotes stay with me, including “divorce is like having a car accident everyday for two years”. I liked the “eat” part, when she was in Italy. I could picture the places she went and food she ate. But I became lost during the “pray” part where she remained in an Ashram. I did consider giving up, but kept on with love” in Bali and quite enjoyed Gilbert's description of her surroundings…
Stay tuned, more Zest Book Chain reviews to come.