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Adult Learners’ Week and Lifelong Learning

By September 5, 2014No Comments


Lifelong Learning

Lifelong Learning








Time to discover new skills through your local Library – reading books, find new hobbies, start a foreign language course, join a book club or update your resume and improve your job skills.

Try using our Lifelong Learning online service available weekdays from 3pm to 10pm. You can be at a library computer, or home computer and get help from a job expert, using on-demand online chat to improve a resume and cover letter.

Log in through the library’s website using your library card number, and get connected to a local expert. Ask interview tips, upload your resume for review, get help with English, business writing, job skills, grammar and more. From our home page go to info@home and then Lifelong Learning under the drop down menu. Here’s the link